Healing Poetry: A Daughter Writes To Her Father

Reflections Of Other Survivors
From A Survivors Of Suicide Support Group

A Daughter’s Healing Poetry


Even though you are gone
Your loving memory will live on
With you gone so far away
It is hard for us to live from day to day
You gave us strength and you gave us love
Can you still give us that from above?
You taught us how things in this world worked
And fixed things when they were broke
You gave us the guidance that we needed
In this world–you are needed
All we have now are memories, both good and bad
When thinking about you, how can we not be sad?
We will work through this
We will move on
Because deep in your hearts you will never be gone
We are thankful for everything we had with you, no matter how short a time
You leaving us so suddenly was your only crime
But you are forgiven because you had your reasons
And the Lord above said that it was your time
We will see you again someday
Although it may not be tomorrow
When we see you again,
Only then will there be no more sorrow
Monica Hansen ~ 3/5/98



The Hidden Demon
As he lie lifeless on the cold concrete ground
Horror transcends into shock
The realization did not come until now
Nothing could have saved him
Guilt takes us over
But still nothing could have been done
He was fighting a losing battle
Was he even fighting at all?
Self destruction
Helplessness and loneliness
Gasping for air, but none is left
This silent killer is the worst of all
Lying to him
Making him lose direction and purpose
Making him feel unloved, unwanted, unneeded
This demon deceived him
In the end he lost his self, his being, and ultimately his existence
This demon deceived us
Making us believe it was his selfishness
That he committed the ultimate crime
He killed himself
Dig deeper and you will know why
The demon that lies to you is silent in the end
The demon is a sickness
The demon that killed my father that cold February night –
Monica Hansen ~ 4/22/98