Basic Plan For Survival

A Basic Plan For Survival

Choose to Survive
We must make a conscious decision to be an active participant
in our own healing process.

Feel the Feelings
We must give ourselves permission to grieve deeply for a season.

Stay Connected
While on the healing journey
we must ask God and safe, supportive people
to be our traveling companions ~ to share our sorrow,
ease our fears, defuse our anger, and process our guilt.
In relationship we have a much better chance to reclaim our joy.

Practice Acceptance and Forgiveness
We must give ourselves grace and truth and time
to eventually accept our loss and forgive others and ourselves.

Slowly Get Back In the Game
All the while we must gently and gradually
ease ourselves back into reality.

Be the New You
We are forever changed, yet essentially the same…
living, breathing, loving, inherently precious
children of God.

Share Your Experience
We can now be seasoned traveling companions
for other survivors on the recovery road.

Linda L. Flatt ~ June 1997